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Update to Tournament Regulations
Posted 10th April 2015
Clause 12 Responsibilities of Players

The ACA Executive has amended Clause 12.7 clarifying what Players are to wear when playing in ACA Events.

The new wording is -

12.7 Players are to wear either Club, State, Regional, National and/or International uniforms or predominantly white clothing. Additionally Players can wear Event specific shirts. Flat-soled shoes are to be worn ie the soles of which do not mark the court. Players choosing to wear sandals shall, as all players should, be conscious of surrounding play in order to ensure their own safety. A Player presenting at the venue in unsuitable clothing will be given the opportunity to dress appropriately or will not be permitted to participate in the event.

This change comes into effect immediately.

Tournament Regulations | Document Change Tracking

GC Open Doubles and Singles
Posted 10th April 2015

The 2015 Golf Croquet Open Doubles and Singles is being held at Cairnlea from Saturday 9 May to Sunday 17 May.

Golf Croquet Open Doubles

Is being held from Saturday 9 May to Tuesday 12 May. Registration is from 2pm onwards on Friday 8 May or before play on Saturday. Please enter on-line by going to The Duffers Tice.

Golf Croquet Open Singles

Is being held from Wednesday 13 May to Sunday 17 May. Registration is from 2pm onward on Tuesday 12 May or before play on Wednesday. The ACA is delighted to announce that the winner of the Singles will receive a Peter Coles' Hoop Maker Mallet made to their specifications. Please enter on-line by going to The Duffers Tice.

Entries to both the Doubles and Singles close on Friday 24 April, 2015.

Tournament Schedule Update
Posted 8th April 2015

The Tournament Schedule has been updated. -


Australian Gateball Championships are being held at Wynnum Croquet Club from Thursday 4 to Sunday 6 September, 2015. For more information is available at Gateball Australia

The National GC Handicap Tournament is being held at Deniliquin, New South Wales from Sunday 1 to Friday 6 November, 2015. Tournament information and entry will be on The Duffers Tice shortly but if you have any queries in the interim please email

AC Open Doubles and Singles Championships will now be held at Cairnlea from Saturday 14 to Sunday 22 November, 2015. Tournament information and entry will be on The Duffers Tice shortly but if you have any queries in the interim please email


The WCF has announced a change of dates for the WCF AC WC it is now being held from Saturday 16 to Sunday 24 April at the National Croquet Center, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA. The WCF will set the invitation date in June, 2015

The WCF has also announced the dates for the WCF GC World Team Tier 2 Championships which will be held in the South of England, venue to be confirmed from either Saturday 14 or Sunday 15 to Friday 20 May. Tier 1 teams are Egypt, New Zealand, England, Ireland, South Africa, Sweden, USA and Wales (winners of the 2012 Tier 2 competition). Australia is playing in the Tier 2 to competition.

66th Australian Association Croquet Championships 1949-2015, Sydney 2015
Posted 11th March 2015
Program for the:
  • Australian Gold & Silver Medals
  • Men’s Singles Championship of Australia
  • Women’s Singles Championship of Australia

Updated 11 Mar 2015, 2:42pm

ACA Tournament Regulations
Posted 11th March 2015

ACA Tournament Regulations have been reissued with a correction to Clause

ACA Handbook
Posted 6th March 2015

ACA Handbook amendments, 15 September 2014.

The Rules of Golf Croquet
Posted 6th March 2015

The Rules of Golf Croquet November 2013, Adopted ACA 1 January, 2014

ACA seeking High Perforamnce Manager, Golf Croquet (HPM GC)
Posted 6th March 2015

Croquet Australia is calling for applications for the position of High Performance Manager, Golf Croquet. A major part of the role will be to coach and upskill a Team to represent Australia in the inaugural GC Trans Tasman being held in New Zealand in November, 2015 as well as providing development and training programs for players participating in other international events.

Applications should be made in writing addressing the selection criteria, required overview and desirable skills and forwarded by email to the Administrative Officer at on or before Friday 20 March, 2015.

Dates for WCF AC WC – 2016
Posted 5th March 2015

The AC world Championship is being held from Friday 22 – Saturday 30 April, 2016 at the National Croquet Center, West Palm Beach, Florida. The Qualifying event will occur from Sunday 17 – Wednesday 20 April, 2016 at the same venue. The Tournament Schedule has been updated accordingly.

Anti-Doping Policy
Posted 5th March 2015

Anti-Doping Policy (approved by ASADA and ACA – Effective 1 January, 2015).

Golf Croquet Official Rulings
Posted 5th March 2015

The WCF has adopted a number of Official Rulings on the 2013 edition of the Rules of Golf Croquet. The rulings were used during the World GC Championship recently held in New Zealand. These rulings now come into effect.

AC Women's & Men's Open Singles
Posted 5th March 2015
Eire Cup Arrangements at Royal Sydney Golf Club
Posted 6th February 2015
Eire Cup Court Allocations
Posted 6th February 2015
An Australian Player becomes a 2014 Inductee of the World Croquet Hall of Fame
Posted 6th February 2015

Creina Dawson, a member of Brighton club South Australia, has been inducted in to the World Croquet Federation Hall of Fame.

Creina has served in many capacities within the Australian Croquet Association including National President 2003-2005. Her playing achievements have included winning the Women's Association Singles in three continents- Great Britain, New Zealand and Australia and she has represented Australia at International Level in Association Croquet.

Creina joins 37 other croquet greats listed on the WCF Croquet Website in the Hall of Fame as The Croquet Legends.

The ACA offers its congratulations to Creina on an honour well deserved!

Golf Croquet World Championship
Posted 31st January 2015

Australia is being represented by sixteen players in the Golf Croquet World Championship and is the third largest contingent behind New Zealand with 18 players and the Egyptians,17. The event is being held at the Mt Maunganui Croquet Club and other venues around the Bay of Plenty. Our players taking on the world are:

  • Kevin Beard, VIC
  • Martin Clarke, WA
  • Wendy Dickson, VIC
  • Terry Ericson, QLD
  • Peter Freer, NSW
  • Lester Hughes, VIC
  • Peter Landrebe, NSW
  • Ross Marshall, WA
  • Darren McLoughlin, VIC
  • Chris McWhirter, WA
  • Peter Nicholson, QLD
  • Anne Quinn, VIC
  • Kim Reynolds, WA
  • John van der Touw, VIC
  • Judy Wembridge, VIC
  • David Wise, SA

Wishing them every success and their triumphs can be followed on Croquet Scores from Saturday 7 February.

Under 21’s Golf Croquet World Championship
Posted January 31, 2015
The Under 21’s Golf Croquet World Championship starts on Sunday 1 February at the United Croquet Club in Christchurch. Australia is being represented by Ned Wilson 16, from Adelaide and Jack Williams, 17 from Tralagon, Victoria. Both have been playing croquet for just over three years. Wishing them every success as they fly the flag for Australia.
Tournament Schedule
Posted January 31, 2015
The ACA Tournament Schedule has been updated for the period 2015 – 2019.
Online Entry for ACA Tournaments
Posted January 19, 2015

The ACA has been working with The Duffers Tice website to enable Players to enter online for ACA Tournaments. Entries to the ACA AC Men’s and Women’s Open Singles Championship are now open. When you have submitted your entry you will automatically receive a confirmation email which also contains details for the ACA Bank account. When you have made your electronic payment please identify it with your surname and either AC Men’s or AC Women’s.

The Executive hopes this innovation will make entry to ACA events seamless. Any feedback on the process is welcome and you can email your comments to

Australian AC Gold Medal, Men's & Women's Open, Eire Cup 2015
Posted January 19, 2015

The description and schedule for the following events are now available.

  • AC Gold Medal (11-13 March 2015)
  • AC Men's & Women's Open Singles (14-17 March 2015)
  • AC Eire Cup (18-22 March 2015)

[12 Jan] Players Listing President GC Eights.

[29 Oct] The ACA is seeking expressions of interest for players to compete in the WCF Women’s AC WC being held at the Nottingham Croquet Club in England from Saturday 25 July to Saturday 1 August, 2015. Please note the WCF has introduced new procedures for entry to this event. The WCF has provided a summary but the details are included in Appendices 1 and 2 of the WCF Sports Regulations.

  1. Expressions of Interest to be forwarded to Stephen Richards, Chair, AC Selection Committee by Monday 10 November, 2014
  2. Those players considered eligible for a wild card will be contacted before Friday 14 November, 2014 and asked to write a rationale as to why they should be considered for a place by the WCF.
  3. The ACA is required to submit names by Sunday 23 November, 2014.
  4. Players will be advised if they have been allocated a place after Sunday 21 December, 2014.
  5. Final confirmation of players to the WCF by Sunday 25 January, 2015.

Please note –

  1. Ranking places are determined by the WCF based on the highest ‘dgrade&rsquo
  2. for the previous twelve months these can be accessed on the WCF’s ranking list.
  3. The ACA has undertaken a review of the contributions made to players who receive a place in a WCF WC and will take effect from 1 January, 2015. A document outlining these changes will be distributed by Tuesday 4 November, 2014.

[29 Oct] The ACA Executive Committee is asking players to apply for Appointed Officer positions. There are a variety of roles requiring differing levels of experience, leadership and passion. Responsibilities are listed in By-Law 28 of the Handbook.

Over the past few months the Executive has been reviewing the process by which Appointed Officers are endorsed and the timing of such appointments.

Council agreed at its September meeting in Adelaide that Officers will commence their duties from the beginning of a calendar year rather than sometime after an AGM.

There are several advantages in asking for expressions of interest in October and having appointments made by the end of November as this will give the successful appointee the opportunity to prepare a program in consultation with the Executive and discuss any financial implications with the Treasurer prior to the adoption of the ACA's annual budget

It should be noted that all positions fall vacant each December.

The Executive would like to receive expressions of interest on or before Monday 10 November, 2014. Please complete the attached form and send

[12 Oct] The ACA Office has moved! Our landlord is still ACT Sport but instead of being based in a converted primary school in the northern suburbs of Canberra we are now residents of the new Brumbies' (Canberra's Rugby Union Team) headquarters at the University of Canberra. Several research institutions are housed in these facilities as well as local sporting groups and the University's gym.

Physical address:
Building 29
University Drive
University of Canberra

The Postal address remains:
PO BOX 254

New Phone number is 0457 678 380

[11 Oct] Expressions of interest are now being sought for the GC President's Eights being held at Cairnlea from Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th January, 2015. If you wish to participate in this tournament please indicate your interest by emailing ACA's National Director of Golf Croquet, on or before Friday 7 November 2014. Those chosen will be notified as soon as possible after the selection process has been completed. A non-response by the due date will be considered as 'not able to play'.
[8 Oct] Five Australians, Terry Ericson, David Wise, Steve Thornton, Graham Wemyss and Bob Godfrey are all engaged in gruelling battles as they compete in the WCF Over 50’s GC WC currently being held in Cairo. Wishing them all every success as they continue in the competition - follow their progress on Croquet Scores.
[8 Oct] At the Council Meeting held in September, the ACA’s Strategic Plan was adopted. The plan was a collaboration between the Executive and the six State Associations. It gives a cohesive direction for the Association over the next four years.

[29 Sep]  The Officials for the President’s AC Eights are Tournament Manager, Brian Reither and Tournament Referee, Brian Foley.  The Blocks have been finalised.

[15 Sep] Three Australian teams (Canberra, Tamborine Mountain, Southport) along with 600 competitors from around the world will shortly be travelling to Niigata, Japan for the World Gateball Championship, 26-28 September. See latest details at
[3 Sep] STOP PRESS The AC Selection Committee is asking those players who have not yet expressed an interest in playing in the 2014 President's AC Eights and who would like the opportunity should send an email to the Chair of AC Selection Committee, . Initially your name will be added to the reserve list and if a place becomes available you will be notified straight away.


President's Golf Croquet Eights

23-25 January 2015
Victorian Croquet Centre, Cairnlea, VIC.

First Eights

Winner: Peter Landrebe, NSW
Runner Up: Alison Sharpe, NSW

Second Eights

Winner: Peter Freer, NSW
Runner Up: Judy Wembridge, VIC

Third Eights

Winner: Graham Keating, TAS
Runner Up: Bernie Pfitzner, SA

Womens Eights

Winner: Janine McHardy, WA
Runner Up: Pam Gentle, NSW